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Suttle Road Material Recovery Facilityis a fully licensed dry MRF yard (Material Recovery Facility, pronounced murf) where they accept loads of dry waste, mixed or separated.  InSpec Group designed and constructed a number of improvements and a larger production space in order to install large conveyor-belt machinery for sorting mixed dry waste loads containing mixed waste paper, metals, plastics, wood, construction and demolition wastes, and gypsum wallboard.  Once sorted, the materials are then recycled or reused.  A portion of the facility was designed to receive materials from the City of Portland household compost collection program, and mix them with other green materials before sending them to the composting facility to be converted into rich organic soil.

Recology Oregon Material Recovery Inc., 2012
Waste Recovery & Transfer Facility

Portland, Oregon, USA

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Shimadzu USA Manufacturing, 2011
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Canby, Oregon, USA

AlphaPet needed a warehousing and chip bagging facility, product silo storage tank farm, raw materials tank farm storage, utility, workshop and cooling tower facility, rail spur for 330 railcar storage and conveying system for moving raw and final product. Including the main structure and areas of support, a main structure 37-meters tall, 54-meters long and 40-meters wide with three main floors and three intermediate floors was engineered to allow access to the production equipment.

Also included was an area for MCC, a control room, lab, area, and various offices. Over 2,000 lineal feet of system piping, three-tier level pipe support and over six-meter wide and four-meter clear were used.

AlphaPET, 2010
PET Polymerization Plant

Decatur, Alabama, USA

Kershaw Knives required an additional 10,000 sf of warehouse space added to their existing facility. InSpec completed the design, permitting, bidding and procurement, as well as construction supervision, and the new facility (a concrete tilt-up) was put to work in 2008.

Kershaw Knives, 2008
Metal Fabrication Facility & North American Headquarters Office

Tualatin, Oregon, USA

TCI America is the US-based manufacturing and R&D subsidiary of Tokyo Kasei (Tokyo Chemical Industry).  TCI produces various types of organic chemicals, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. 

This project involved substantial renovation of an existing building, equipment setting, process piping, process electrical, structural steel equipment platforms as well as procurement of selected process equipment.  Among the unique aspects of this project included installation of specialized glass-lined equipment and piping systems, requiring extreme caution during handling and installation.  InSpec Group also developed a customized control system for the facility.

TCI America, 2006
Pharma-grade organic chemicals manufacturing plant

Portland, Oregon, USA 

The Toyocom project brought forth all aspects of the InSpec process which began with site selection, design and permitting. Then, we moved into construction management (including site work, concrete, steel, building erection and finishes, as well as the mechanical and electrical portions of the project). We finished with the port off-loading and erection of process equipment and control systems. The four-level, pre-finished metal clad manufacturing and warehousing facility boasts a 10,000 sf footprint. The office headquarters, featuring masonry block with glass curtain wall sections is an impressive 5,000 sf.

Epson Toyocom, 2002
Synthetic Quartz Crystal Material Process Plant

 Longview, Washington, USA