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InSpec Safe, more than words, it's our philosophy

Since our inception, InSpec Group has always made safety its top priority. To our Customers, subcontractors and employees, we strive to maintain a safe working environment through education, site awareness and constant communication. Our goal is to continually develop and enhance our site safety program through contouring our  system to match our Customer’s requirements, exceeding the minimal requirements of state and federal regulations and developing a company mindset that will always maintain the safest working environment possible.

We are constantly working to achieve our program goals by:

  • Instilling a culture of work safe and work smart.
  • Showing project members that  a safe project is a quality project but safety is ALWAYS our TOP priority. 
  • Providing a superior training program for accident avoidance, including all executive staff, as well as managers and supervisors both on and off site. 
  • Utilizing an effective Claims Management system that minimizes costs but includes the very best in medical care and rapid return to work objectives.
  • Maintaining a Safety Reporting Protocol that includes accountability at all levels of the organization and for future avoidance of near misses.
  • Ensuring that job site assessments for all activities are held with all relevant personnel who may be participating in any new construction activities.
  • Conducting daily/weekly job site walks to ensure all work is being performed in a manner reflected in our InSpec Safety Manual.

Prior to any work beginning on site, InSpec shall ensure that all employees have received and read the site safety manual as well as attend the site safety orientation.

Our written policy includes an employee education and awareness program, a Substance Abuse Program which requires drug and alcohol testing of all employees, including pre- employment, random, cause and post-accident.
InSpec’s full time safety professionals and field staff provide superior safety oversight and awareness.

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