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Hosted a Booth at PV EXPO 2009 JAPAN

February 25, 2009

Feburary 2009, Tokyo Big Site

InSpec Group hosted a booth at PV EXPO 2009 JAPAN in Collaboration with the State of Oregon.

At 37000+ participants - and attendance up 38% from the previous year - the EXPO was a success, especially given the current recession. Conversations with visitors to InSpec's booth indicated that interest in US environment-related business is firm.

As a company involved with engineering & construction companies investing in Oregon, InSpec supports companies that seek opportunities to invest in new operations in the United States by providing a full range of project development services.

The State of Oregon is one of the most progressive states in the United States in environmental policy and is admired for its incentive plans.
Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the US solar battery business or any other inquiries. 

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