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Photovoltaic and Energy Solution Seminar Concurrent with Georgia Department of Economic Development

April 15, 2010

Picture)  Mr. Toyoda speaks about development methods and points to consider for energy projects.

InSpec Group LLC (InSpec) hosted a Photovoltaic and Energy Solution seminar at Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta sponsored by Georgia Department of Economic Development, SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia.

As part of the United States movement toward renewable energies and economic stimulus, financial incentives for clean energy investment are being offered to businesses to increase their energy independence and to promote a more sustainable environment.  This seminar provided current information on the incentives offered by the State of Georgia and a typical company's Return on Investment for photovoltaics (solar panels) installations. Based on specific examples, InSpec illustrated how companies could make effective use of these financial incentives, and spoke about current and future trends in the energy market as well as smart energy solutions which combine energy-generation, energy-storage, energy-efficiency, and smart energy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and running costs of facilities.

The seminar was deemed an overall success as proven through the positive feedbacks received by InSpec. Attendees were noted stating "the seminar was very interesting and also was a great opportunity to learn the through specific examples" and  "InSpec's plan for a total solution was very well organized".


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