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The three companies partner to donate and install a “Solar Canopy”

July 20, 2010

Photos  courtesy of Charlie Allcock.

InSpec Group (InSpec), SANYO North America (SANYO), and Portland General Electric (PGE) have partnered to donate and install a solar-powered charging station for electric commuters, called a "Solar Canopy", to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  Executive officers from the companies and key government officials from the State of Oregon and the City of Portland attended  the grand opening ceremony held on July 30.

 The "Solar Canopy" required the installation of 42 SANYO "HIT Double"dual-sided solar modules, in the OMSI parking lot with  enough space  to accommodate three automobiles. It provides power to the eneloop bike", (SANYO's power-assisted bicycle), plug-in hybrid vehicles, electrical vehicles, and portable electric devices, such as cell phones. This charging station features weather-proof lockers for insulation and contributes to the reduction of Carbon Dioxide while lowering electrical costs with the effective use of  Solar Energy generated during the day OMSI  is a well-known museum in Portland where people can learn about the latest scientific technologies. Near the building, there are bike trails leading to the downtown along Willamette River. The City of Portland has  one of the highest numbers of bicycle commuters in the U.S, and a  many people  travel to the museum by bicycle.    

OMSI President Nancy Steuber said "This facility will be a very effective learning tool for our visitors to understand the importance of renewable energy". "I am very honored to be part of this event. We will seek to introduce the importance of renewable energy and our energy solution to many more companies in order to invigorate the economy".


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