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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), 2010

InSpec Group (InSpec), SANYO North America (SANYO), and Portland General Electric (PGE) have partnered to donate and install a solar-powered charging station for electric commuters, called a "Solar Canopy", to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  Total system capacity is 8.20 kW and provides clean power to power to the eneloop bike", (SANYO's power-assisted bicycle), plug-in hybrid vehicles, electrical vehicles, and portable electric devices, such as cell phones.

Specifications: Solar Panels: (42) Sanyo HIT Double – 195 Watt Bifacial Module Inverters: (2) PV Powered 4600 – 4600 watt PV Inverter Electric Vehicle Charger: (1) Shorepower Dual Level 1 and 2 Pedestal Charging Station Capacity: (2 Vehicles) Level 1 (120 V) outlets and (1 Vehicle) Level 2 (208/240V) plug Solar Panel Support System: Florian Solar Canopy System Statistics: Total Capacity – 8.2 kW Annual Production: 9,000-10,000 kWh Total Installation Time: 3 weeks



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Salem Conference Center

Salem Conference Center, 2011

InSpec Energy Solutions successfully won an RFP from the City of Salem, Oregon, to provide a turn-key installation and full system financing for a PV system on their LEED-certified Conference Center. The system will provide over 100,000 kWh of electricity per year to the city at a rate well below the retail cost of electricity.

Facility Type LEED-Certified City Conference Center Specifications: Solar panels: (450) SANYO HIT-Power 210A Total capacity: 99 kW Inverters: (1) PV Powered 100-kilowatt


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Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners, 2012

Design and Install a Solar PV system on the Pedestrian bridge that connects the Parking Garage to the Stadium. This project was particularly complicated due to the fact that the bridge crosses over a state highway. InSpec had to work with the City of Seattle, the State of Washington, and Seattle City Light to get the project approved. 32.68kW system. 168 Panels.

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Yoshida Foods

Yoshida Foods, 2009

InSpec Energy Solutions designed and installed a rooftop photovoltaic system on the existing facility.  With our partners at SANYO, we managed to maximize the available solar energy to reduce overall electricity costs.  Incentives in the state of Oregon for the adoption of renewable energies allows customers to see a return on their investments in as little as 4 years. 

System Specifications: Solar Panels: (800 Panels) SanyoHIT 210A Inverters:  (2) PV Powered 75kW Inverter Racking: Sunmodo Roof  Space: 6,500㎡ (70,000sf) System Capacity: 166.3kW Annual SystemProduction: 172,000kWh (Annual) Return on Investment: 4 Years


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