Why InSpec Group?

About InSpec

Why InSpec Group?

InSpec Group is a diverse, multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, construction firm providing complete facility planning and construction services as well as energy solutions and reliable onsite support across a myriad of industries. Our in-house design teams along with our energy solutions and maintenance services divisions allow us to offer an unsurpassed level of service in not only the planning, engineering, and construction of industrial facilities but long-term sustainability and efficiency as well.

Leading The Industry By Example

Experience, accuracy and a hands-on approach are the cornerstones of every successful project. At InSpec Group, we are involved in every aspect of every project to provide customers with the most accurate information on every conceivable variable from budgets to schedules and more. By eliminating guesswork, we have transformed the process into a systematic and seamless flow from inception to start- up that maximizes cost performance and minimizes risk while delivering to customers the facilities and energy solutions that ensure success.

We Know What to Expect

The experts at InSpec Group are among the most skilled and professional in the industry. Their expertise is the culmination of decades of experience and knowledge that allow us to reduce the impacts of unforeseeable risks to offer the best possible outcome from every project. Our strong emphasis on sustainable design with innovative solutions in reducing operating costs, waste generation and to account for any environmental impacts demonstrates InSpec’s commitment to our customer’s long-term interests.

Our in-depth knowledge and relentless pursuit of perfection will deliver on target results, every time.

Everything Is Open and Clear

Unlike traditional engineering and construction companies, our open and clear approach allows you to look at every cost, down to the last decimal. It's one of the many reasons our customers trust us to get the job done right and on budget.

At InSpec Group, we utilize every aspect of our expertise to ensure that sustainability, efficiency and cost performance are not only concepts, but realities.

See how we strive to become world-class of Engineering for your success! 

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