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InSpec Group | Headquarters
140 SW Arthur Street,
Portland, OR 97201 USA
tel +1.503.595.6540
fax +1.503.595.6548

InSpec Group | Southeast
1899 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 320,
Atlanta, GA 30339 USA
tel +1.770.952.4228
fax +1.770.952.4232

InSpec Group | Spartanburg
1875 E Main Street, Suite 16
Duncan, SC 29334 USA
tel  +1.864.592.6903

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If you need assistance with your project, please send us the information using the following form and an InSpec representative will contact you. 

If you need immidiate attention, please contact following InSpec team members:

InSpec Group - Headquarters (Portland, OR)

  Tetsuya Hirota thirota@inspecgroup.com 
  Yuko Takai-Austin YTakaiAustin@inspecgroup.com
  tel 503.595.6540

InSpec Group - Southeast (Atlanta, GA)

  Motoe Haller mhaller@inspecgroup.com
  Anna Hunt ahunt@inspecgroup.com
  tel 770.952.4228

InSpec Group - Tokyo

  Naoki Noda nnoda@inspecgroup.com
  tel +81.3.5436.3500




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