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InSpec Group is fully capable of performing a full range of design services based on your needs. 

Feasibility Study
Planning for a new facility is a complex task that requires a great deal of due diligence and analyses.  With our broad experience, we will research, in depth, key criteria such as technical, financial, scheduling and construction to determine the best course of action in planning for your facility.

Site Selection
Based on your specific requirements, InSpec can identify suitable sites across
a broad geographic range or conduct assessments of predetermined candidate sites that best suit your specific needs.  InSpec will compile necessary details such as site and facility layout, utility demands, product flow, permitting requirements, and any potential incentives available in siting your facility.  

InSpec Group's engineering expertise represents the heart of our innovation and is where our customers objectives define our work.  Our in-house design teams are fully capable of a broad range of services to support all of our customers engineering needs.  


InSpec Group’s design capabilities encompass:

  • Chemical Process

  • Architectural

  • Civil Engineering

We are fully capable of meeting all of your basic design package requirements for process plants which would include components such as:

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)

  • Mechanical specifications (HVAC and process piping)

  • General Arrangements of equipment and space planning

  • Utility system design (CUB)

  • Electrical and instrumentation specifications

Our broad range of engineering capabilities allow us to address all of your needs throughout the critical design phases from conception and basic design to detailed construction drawings.

Construction|Construction Management
Coordination and communication are critical in assuring that the overall project goal becomes a reality.  At InSpec Group, our Construction Management team is engaged early in the design process and work closely with our engineers to maximize coordination and dialogue between the drawing table and the field.  

As your in-house project management resource we seamlessly progress through:

  • Project Estimation

  • Pre-qualification of contractors

  • Competitive bidding of all contractor trades

  • Analysis and evaluation of bids

  • Determination of overall project cost and budget control

  • Awarding and Contracts management

  • Approval of shop drawings and submittals

  • Field management and coordination of construction

  • Safety and quality control

  • Startup and Commissioning

With our systematic and detailed approach coupled with effective methodology, we offer total expertise from start to finish.

  • Structural

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical/Instrumentation